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Blogs and Blogging

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A blog is a type of website, usually created by an individual, that is updated regularly with commentary, event updates, photos, or other types of media.  The word blog is a shortened version of the word "weblog".  The video below gives a good description of the purpose of blogs, and how they are being used in the 21st century:


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Reasons for Use:

  • Students can have others besides the teacher read their work.

  • Students can get "live" feed back from others.

  • Blogs provide reading and writing practice in yet another form.

  • Shy students are encouraged to participate in a way they see as non-threatening.

  • Overall participation is encouraged and creates a sense of teamwork and community.

  • Increase student-student, teacher-student, and family-classroom communication. 


Ways to Use Blogs in the Classroom:

  • Online student learner journal

  • Communication of classroom activities to families and outsiders

  • Student portfolios

  • Space created for pre- or post-class discussion

  • Method of submitting assignments so that students can view others' work




Tutorials & Helpful Resources

Once you choose your blog site, the resources you use will usually be specific to that site format.  On the individual blogging sites, there are often video tutorials, user forums, and support forms where you can go to find the answer to whatever stumps you!


Recommended Titles



  • Free Technology for Teachers- this example is written by a teacher who is using his blog to share resources with other teachers.
  • Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog- this is an example of a blog written by a teacher of an elementary classroom to communicate with students' families.
  • Viz SuperStars- this blog is a team example updated by individual students, but using one account.
  • Academic English IV- on this blog, students submit assignments as comments.


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