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Comic Life

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Comic Life lets you create astounding comics, "How-To" guides and more.  The easy to use interface integrates seamlessly with your web cam or other photo collection.  Drag in your pictures, captions, lettering text, and speech balloons and your work is done!  


Reasons for Use

  • Comics have many great uses in the classroom and in a variety of curricula.  From pre-readers to high school students comics can help students analyze, synthesize, and absorb content that may be difficult when presented in only one way.
  • Comic Life comes with a library of pre-made templates, styles, and fonts, so it is very easy to use!
  • This program makes it easy to share your creations with teachers, students and parents. Comic LIfe supports html, QuickTime and JPEG exports, so you can share on your website, blog or via email. Another option is to print out hard copies via your printer or a print service for professional looking presentations. 





Tutorials & Helpful Resources

  • Atomic Learning has an excellent set of tutorial videos.  What is nice is that you only need to watch exactly what you want to.
  • Mac Tutorial, but everything is basically the same.  I have the mac and pc programs.  http://www.macinstruct.com/node/69
  • A comic rubric that is a doc file. You can make changes as needed.   Comic Rubric





Where to Find the Program



Frequently Asked Questions

  • The 30-day trial download is free.  After that the standard version is $24.95 and the deluxe version is $29.95.  I did the 30-day free trial and it is great!!  (The program will be installed on all middle school teacher laptops and in in grade 6-8 labs for SECOND SEMESTER 2009-10. ND)
  • Working with multiple images in a panel

    Multiple images may be placed into a single panel by holding down the 'Alt' key when dragging an image into a panel. Each image may have its own scaling, style, rotation and placement. You can work with each image by double clicking on a panel. Then, single click to select the image you want to work with.

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