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Jing captures images from your screen.  It saves still images and video.  It also allows you to annotate the images before pasting or sharing them.

http://www.jingproject.com/ (click "watch a video to see how" for an overview of the program)


Reasons for Use

Easy internet sharing of digital images. 

Jing saves your captured image to a server on the internet and gives you a link or an embed code to the file.  So, instead sending bulky picture and video files you just send the link. 


Tutorials & Helpful Resources

Taking Your First Capture

Select an Area to Capture

Image Capture

Video Capture   (Sample video created with Jing: http://screencast.com/t/7eEmI1eLHNp)

Copy Button

Save Button


Customizing Jing Buttons



Embedding with ScreenCast.com  - Jing videos can be embedded into blogs or websites, etc. using ScreenCast.com.  Embedding shows a thumbnail of the actual video with an arrow to activate it.  This is not hard but requires a little more technical know-how and may not be compatible with your wiki or blog service (e.g, NOT pbwiki).   ScreenCast is a sister program to Jing that can be downloaded for free.  The free version provides 2G of storage and 2G bandwidth every month.  



Here's an image caputured and annotated with Jing:

Here's a video captured and annotated with Jing:


Where to Find this Program

It's already unblocked and linked to your computer. 

To download Jing (for free) to your home computer:  http://www.jingproject.com/




1. Your Jing History is specific to the computer you are on. If you use Jing on multiple computers, only the captures made on a specific computer will be available for use in the History.

2. Jing video's are saved as SWF files and cannot be edited outside of Jing (because we're using the free version).



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