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Report HP Laptop Problems

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Shvonne Davis




Cathy Lee Peffer 

Visintainer Room 132 




Kidder Elementary

Room 48

The Smartboard in my room works with my desktop computer,

but when I plug the USB from the Smartboard into my laptop,

my laptop screen goes black, but the screen is visible on the 

Smartboard.  My tech person in the building has tried numerous

things, but cannot figure out the problem.  Thanks! 








Barb Hasselbusch  Crestview 

When I start up my laptop, I have to have both the USB and other cable unhooked from laptop.  After laptop is up then I can plug them in.  If I don't unplug before turning on computer, then I get a tv show and the input button won't convert to computer 1. 


Still having problems with touch recognition.  I have gone into mouse settings and clicked on the enable touch and it  worked on Friday when I am logged in as general teacher.  Today, in order for it to work I had to unclick the enable touch.  Not consistant and changes don't stay when you turn off computer.Can't get it to work at all on my account. 


Also the sound on the speakers only comes on when I am logged into my account.  Otherwise, it plays sound from the tv.

Alicia Chamberlain High School

1: Christen Marcu and I still need the Adobe CS4 Suite on our laptops.

2: The mobile lab laptops need the Adobe CS4 Suite on them as well for students to have access to those programs.

Veronica Balogh  Visintainer 

1.  Put DVD into drive.

2.  Opened Windows Media Player.

3.  Clicked dropdown menu under "now playing" and clicked "play".

4.  DVD would not play and error message popped up that said "Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer."


*The DVD did play in the WinDVD program.



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