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SMART Boards (TM)

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Video Tutorials - The SMART Training Center offers many resources.  Those listed below are especially helpful.

For Beginning SMART Board (TM) Users


For Intermediate SMART Board (TM) Users



Print Resources

Smart Notebook Toolbars.pdf - quick reference of icons used in Smart Notebook software

Smart Notebook Activity Guide.pdf - reference guide for "best practice" in setting up SMART lessons

Smart Notebook Lesson Planning Guide.pdf - hands-on practice guide


Great Overview and Example Resources from Digital Academy Sessions 

File Gallery_Essentials_for_Educators_Directory.pdf - great listing of all the objects in the Smart Notebook 10 Gallery
File SMART_Notebook_Toolkit_Reference.pdf - chart that lists TOOLS, GAMES & ACTIVITIES with descriptions of each



Speller Software - Download Required.pdf

Number Cruncher - Download Required.pdf



Q & A

Can I download SmartNotebook software to my home computer so I can design lessons?

Yes.  Click here.  We're currently using SmartNotebook 10 for Windows.  You will need a product key which can be obtained by by requesting one from the company.  You'll need the serial number from your SmartBoard.  The serial number is located on the lower right hand corner of the SmartBoard frame (illus).


What can I add to my SmartBoard lessons to make them more interactive?

Check out this document for some ideas- Tips and Tricks for Smart Notebook.










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