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It's On My Desktop, Now What Do I Do With It

Page history last edited by Kathy Collins 9 years, 4 months ago

Green Book Dates:  October 5, 2010

                             October 12, 2010

                             January 20, 2011

                             Febuary 2, 2011


Presenters:  Kathy Collins, Adrienne Brady, Angela Ebert and Amber Urda


Power Point Presentation


TIP Sheet


Audacity Docs.

     Lame Encoder - instructions for downloading

     Quick Start

     The Basics

     30 Interesting Ways to Use Audacity


Snagit 9 Docs.

     Introduction to Snagit 9 for New Users Video

     Snagit 9 Guide


Jing Docs.


     Jing Guide


Photo Story 3

     Using Microsoft Photostory by David Jakes

     Intro to Photo Story 3 Video


Photo Websites:



Music Websites


Evaluating Projects:


Project Planning Page:


Other Resources:



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